Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks are a complete and balanced food for all fresh water pond fish made with highly digestible wheatgerm protein.

HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE - Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks are made with wheatgerm, a highly digestible source of protein, especially suitable for feeding when the water is cooler, early and latein the season.

FLOATING - Encourages your fish to feed at the surface of the pond for your enjoyment and prevents build-up of lost food at the bottom of your pond.

NON-CLOUDING - The food is specially formulated to be highly digestible to reduce water pollution and to prevent the break-up and disintegration of the food in the water, keeping your pond clear and well oxygenated.

WITH STABILISED VITAMIN C - Vitamin C builds up the disease resistance and maximises the natural healing of abrasions and wounds in your fish.

Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks 5 kg